Babybond Pregnancy Scan New born Shoot Offer

I feel very honoured to have my work displayed in the Southampton clinic of Babybond Ultrasound Direct. Babybond clinics offer lots of different pregnancy scans including high definition 4D bonding scans. Their staff are  highly professional and fully qualified.

Julie A Davis Photography Ltd 

Exclusive offer: 

Book a pregnancy scan with any south coast Babybond clinic and receive your special discounted new born shoot fee (£69) off of your photoshoot order.  *This offer does not apply to new born-lifestyle shoots within your own home.

Terms and conditions:

Your Babybond reference number will need to be supplied at the time of booking.

The shoot fee of £69 will be required to be paid at the time of the booking. This is non refundable. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the desecration of Julie A Davis Photography Ltd.

Valid for week day shoots only.

You are responsible for informing me about your booked scan (or if you have recently had a scan) with Babybond at the time of booking.

Offer is valid for current pregnancy only.

To find out more about Babybond ultrasound scans please follow this link

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