Baby Club  Membership

Capture your baby’s newborn memories and turning one year old. Shooting fee of only £99! 


The benefit of joining the Exclusive Baby Photoshoot Club is saving on individual shooting fees.

You will also receive a beautiful, complimentary triple image folio product at the end of their first year. The folio can be personalised with your baby’s name and details on if you so wish. Choose three images from the two photoshoots.



Don’t miss out on the important milestone of your little one turning one!

Your childs’ one year photoshoot shoot can be in the studio, in the forest or at the beach. The choice is yours.

"adorable newborn baby peacefully posed and sleeping"

How it works:


Get two shoots for £99 saving on multiple session fees.


I will capture your baby at the newborn stage and when they turn one.


Shoots can be in the studio, the forest, or the beach.


Receive a complimentary triple image folio after your second session.


Minimum order from each shoot. Payment plans are available at no extra cost.

What does it cost:


newborn baby wearing a hat posed asleep on grey blanket


2 photoshoots, your newborn photoshoot and then when your baby turns one year old.  Receive your complimentary gift at the end.

Please note there is a minimum order placement from each photoshoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a newborn shoot?

The ideal time for a new born shoot is between 4 days old (if bottle fed) and up until 6 weeks old. During these early days I am able to capture those really cute curled up sleepy poses. This is when your baby is very easy to manoeuvre as their ligaments are still soft and flexible. Awake shots can also be captured.


What if my baby is older than 6 weeks?

Do still contact me if your baby is already older than 6 weeks. As I also photograph older babies too. I have accomplished many of the same cute images of babies up to the age range 6 to 12 weeks old.


What if my baby is premature?

Premature multiple babies can be up to 12 weeks old if they have been in hospital care up until this point.


Are any images included?

The Baby Club session fee covers three individual shoots and you will receive a complimentary triple image folio after your third session.

No images are included in each individual session and can be purchased separately afterwards. There is a minimum order placement of £399 from each photoshoot.

"cute newborn baby holding tiny soft rabbit, with hat on peacefully posed and sleeping"

Products & Wall Art

“We begin with the end in mind”

My photography sessions start with a pre-consult where we discuss the vision for your finished images.

As well as wall art pieces, I also offer beautifully branded luxury print and crystal usb folio boxes.

Folio boxes hold professional prints and digital photographs on a branded crystal usb.

The best thing of all about these stunning folio boxes, is that they can be passed down as family heirlooms. How amazing is that! Your family memories kept safe forever for the years to come.

Please remember printed photographs will outlive us all……


I offer professional, carefully chosen wall art collections of the highest quality. They are heat sealed to last for many years. These exquisite wall art collections consist of fine art float frames, large art multi-portrait panel and many group collections of frames.

I truly believe you should display your world around you in your home. This is why I offer busy families not only an amazing photoshoot experience but also a full photographic service, with exquisite finished wall art collections. Lots of colours are offered in order to match your home interior.

I can promise you will be very proud to hang your family portraits as art in your homes. You will see them every single day and so will your children growing up.



If you have any questions or would like to get booked in, simply fill in the form below or call the studio now on 07769658832

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